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ELAJ ACT offers healthcare facilities and the best possible care to its customers. So, we are dedicated to providing quality Biomedical Engineering Support to hospitals and clinics all over the Saudia Arab. We also offer training and education on using the equipment safely and effectively.

Excellent Execution:

At ELAJ ACT, we walk with you through the entire lifecycle of project support. From strategic review and requirements design, through deployment, installation and after-sales service and support.

New Advance Technologies:

Our team can conduct preclinical testing, numerical modelling, and failure analysis due to our state-of-the-art facilities and our ability to use computational modelling.

Regulatory Testing:

We verify and validate designs, undertake failure studies on both the manufacturing and design sides, handle recalls, and examine explants from defective medical devices as part of our commitment to regulatory requirements.

Analyzing And Aiding:

Our team also analyzes healthcare and Electronic medical records (EMR) datasets to aid customers in market research, clinical outcomes research, risk factor identification, and cost-effectiveness modeling.

Professional Team:

Each of our team member has enough knowledge in a specific area of field. Our team members participate in creating industry standards and serve on several expert panels organized by professional organizations, industry coalitions, and regulatory authorities.

Services Deployment:

Our services have been deployed in cases involving intellectual property and product liability and in cases involving the purchase of new medical equipment and the performance of due diligence.

Overcoming Challenging Problems:

By working with ELAJ ACT’s interdisciplinary team of experts, we can provide TURNKEY SOLUTIONS EXECUTION from every angle.