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We adhere to Environmental Health & Safety EHS guidelines that provide a set of standards for how we interact with our customers. At ELAJ ACT, the team works hard to ensure that the need for professional service for distributing pharmaceutical and medical devices has a minimal environmental impact.
Our top priority is always the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community.So, we are committed to:

Enable Safety

We aspire to put SAFETY at the centre of everything we do and how we do business. To satisfy the changing expectations of our customers, we always strive to conduct our business responsibly and honestly.

Harness Security

For us, fostering SECURITY in the medical equipment business is an obligation. We have sharp focused our efforts so that we may have the most impact in the places where this is possible.

Stimulate Health

We aim for profitable expansion while ensuring that our healthcare plan considers our overall effect on the individual HEALTH, environment and society.

Customer Focus

The global reach of the ELAJ ACT network is extensive. Our goal is to have a constructive, beneficial, and long-lasting effect.

Environmental Target

30% CO2 / GHGs Emissions Reduction Target 2020-2030

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