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Updated Oct 11, 2022


If you are visiting the ELAJ ACT website from the European Union, the Middle East, or Africa, or any of our mobile sites, applications, widgets, seminars, meetings, digital newsletters, messages, or other products that connect to this Privacy Notice, then this Privacy Statement will inform you of how we collect and use information about you. Where we have told you that a different privacy policy applies, no part of this Privacy Statement applies to the information you submitted.

We want to ensure we transparently handle your personal information up to your standards, so please take the time to read our Privacy Statement and think about the details.


What you do on our website will determine what data we collect and how we utilize it. Significant differences exist between the types of information we gather, how we use personally identifiable information and other data that don’t identify a specific individual.


Information that ELAJ ACT may use to identify you individually, such as your:
  • Names, first and last
  • Address (including zip code and country), phone number(s), and/or electronic mail address
  • Type of hospital
  • Skills and areas of expertise
  • Internet protocol (IP) address when linked to a user
  • Cookies stored in a browser

There are two methods by which we get information about our customers’ identities:

  1. When you register for an account or provide feedback on the site, you may, for instance, submit a contact form, survey response form, or registration form to use a particular service.
  2. By way of a cookie-based automated system. In computing, a cookie is a short text file that a website you visit may store on your hard drive. They’re often used to help websites function (or function more effectively) and to offer data to the site’s administrators. Please visit this link for more details on cookies.

What does ELAJ ACT do with your private data?

The right to use any information you provide is reserved via this website and the applicable Services for the following reasons:
  • To respond to your demands.
  • To fulfil your request for a particular service or piece of data.
  • To enable product registration and improved functionality.
  • Website analytics allow us to continually enhance the quality of our content and the functionality of our site.
  • To address any customer concerns and monitor their progress toward resolution.
  • So that we can keep track of our interactions with you and follow up if required.
  • To make a deal or carry out an agreement with you.
  • To let you join in on the conversation on our various social media and blog platforms.
  • To get in touch with you and provide some news that may be useful for you.
  • For any other purpose to which you agree.
Suppose it is consistent with your privacy rights and expectations. In that case, ELAJ ACT may use your personal information to further the following legitimate interests:
  • Using data collection and analysis to create better media.
  • Make your data anonymous and utilize it for other reasons (without revealing your identity): name, email address, SSN, etc. As a result, the de-identified data might be processed the same way as any other kind of anonymous data.
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with this Privacy Statement and other website use regulations.
  • To safeguard what we own.
Furthermore, ELAJ ACT has legitimate business interests in using your data:
  • To prevent harm to a person’s health or safety; and to conform with a law, rule, court order, or other legal procedure.
  • For some uses of your personal information, we will seek your “opt-in” or express approval before proceeding. For instance, in jurisdictions where doing so is obligatory, we shall only distribute newsletters to those who have specifically requested them.